As a Listing Specialist, I guarantee to List your property with a ferocity unrivaled. I will represent you in such a way, You will want to buy it!

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When you sign with me, you are not just signing a piece of paper. Together we are signing a commitment to each other. I will find the home you are looking for and you will own it. Life is good…

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I know how you are always looking for that Sweet Deal. I will help you find it and then List it for you after you work your magic with your rehab and my staging expertise!

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I have lived in Colorado Springs for 17 years. My adventure here started with me working as a Barber & Hairstylist, which gave me an unparalleled opportunity to get to feel the heartbeat of this beautiful area nestled at the base of the majestic mountains that is rushed upon by the plains to the East.

My previous career has educated me in what is important to the residents of this ever-growing town and that is what encouraged me to become Your Realtor. Sure, a good haircut or style can make you feel good until the haircut grows out or you have to shampoo it away. But there is nothing that can offer a better feeling of warmth, welcoming, security and pride like owning your home.

As the author of “The Only Guide You Need to Selling Your Home, List with SABU”, I am Your Listing Specialist! Not only will I list your property aggressively, as a Certified Home Stager & Re-Designer, I will give you a Showroom, Picture perfect environment that encourages buyers to bring you more money.

To be better equipped to servicing this multi-cultural community, I have spent years becoming certified in American Sign Language and continue to pursue learning additional spoken languages.

You are here for a reason, together, we can make the best of it!


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